Lego Master Builder Camp II (2nd-5th) Spring 2024

Lego Master Builder Camp II (2nd-5th) Spring 2024

Grace Christian School

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LEGO® Master Builder Camp II

Mary Rodriguez
2nd - 5th Grade
Mar 12 - Apr 23
3:15pm - 4:15pm
(No camp Mar 26)


In a galaxy far, far away….. you can join the resistance and help us build some Star Wars Lego projects! (This will be our second theme as we would like for you to first take our Lego Master Builder Camp I, first with Ninjago offered on Thursdays).  Lego Master Builder Camp II  will use the force to discern how to put them together, work in teams to build stormtroopers and Starfighters, get creative with our own galactic twists, and more while working on our big project- the Millennium Falcon!

All Camps are Nonrefundable